Welcome to Net Candles; the Uk's number one candle retailer.
We sell Greenleaf, Bridgwater, and Willowbrook candles, sachets, votives and wafers.

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Net Candles

Net Candles is a store dedicated to providing you with the best quality scented candles, essential oils, fragrance oils and other items designed to transform your home. We have exotic products sourced from all over the world with luxury items from Asia and the Americas. However, we also proudly display the best of British with internationally recognised brands such as Jack Stubbs on sale.

If you are in the Sutton Coldfield area, we invite you to drop into our store and get a sense of the beauty that is on offer. Otherwise, you can browse through our catalogue online and choose between over 200 products. Our best selling items includes:

• Diffusers - We have aroma diffusers from top name brands such as Bridgewater which use modern ultrasonic technology to fill your room with the fragrance of your choice. These are the perfect alternative to wasteful and environmentally damaging air fresheners which provide minimal relief.

• Fragrance Oils - These are synthetic versions of essential oils which closely resemble the real thing but are available for a fraction of the price.

• Potpourri - We have a range of versatile potpourri products including wafers and sachets that can be conveniently placed in small drawers or closets throughout your home.

• Luxury Candles - Choose between a vast array of luxurious scented candles including votive, jar and fragrance candles. We have more product choices and types of fragrance than you'll ever need.

Our experience as an online company sets us apart from other luxury candle stores which are new and unable to adequately meet the demands or understand the desires of their customers. Our first rate delivery service and attentive customer service keeps our customers coming back for more almost as much as the products themselves. Add scented candles to your home for a relaxing and luxurious experience.