Fragrances of the Month

Our fragrances of the month collection celebrate the fact that essential oils are seasonal. While most people light up a candle absent-mindedly, they are unaware of the fact that there are scents suitable for each month and each season. For example, did you know that springtime fragrances usually consist of floral essential oils and scented candles such as lavender, chamomile, orange and peppermint? These fragrances will provide your home with an uplifting and energising aroma that will emphasis spring in every room.

 When it comes to the warmer summer climate, the fragrance of the month usually involves sweet, floral and cool scents such as rose, mint, lemon and dill. We urge you to diffuse essential oils that fill the home with energy while keeping it cool.

Autumn brings forth cooler temperatures which is why you should consider scented candles with ginger, clove and cinnamon amongst others. We recommend essential oils that are spicy, warming and resinous with coriander, coffee and vanilla other popular choices. It should be noted that these oils are extremely strong so you only need to lightly diffuse them into a room for maximum impact.

As we know, winter is filled with inclement weather, frost and snow but it is also home to Christmas. As a result, you should look for fragrances which are warming and festive such as cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, myrrh and cedar-wood. As essential oils are naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial, they are the perfect way to ward off flu's and colds and are far more effective than synthetic sprays.

The next time you decide to purchase scented candles, perhaps you should consider choosing a fragrance of the month to tie in with the time of year. This is a fun way of keeping your home smelling fresh. At Net Candles, we have dozens of fragrance oils for you to choose from.